So, we’ve been thinking a lot here at TVDA, and we stumbled upon something important – the “shared walk.” It’s become such a big part of who we are that we’ve put together a series of five posts to help you understand TVDA’s core DNA. Today, we’re keeping it going and digging into the important theme of collaboration that drives our work in the association community.

Recently, we asked ourselves: What defines a firm like TVDA? The answer? Collaboration is the key. It’s all about recognizing the incredible impact of volunteers and the unmatched industry knowledge they gain from living and breathing the sector every day.

So, what does collaboration mean for us at TVDA? It’s more than just teamwork; it’s like a contact sport that needs time, active listening, and an understanding of different working styles. Collaboration means engaging in meaningful conversations and understanding that outcomes come from everyone chipping in rather than relying solely on any individual or group.

Ditching labels during day-to-day interactions is crucial. It’s about realizing that the end goal is a team effort, where everyone is rowing in the same direction, even if the course isn’t a perfectly straight line. One small example includes being flexible with communication styles, like whether you prefer email or phone, and meeting others where they work best.

Sure, roles and responsibilities exist, and boards need to reflect on their performance to get stronger and give feedback to their management partners, sometimes even going so far as to say the relationship has run its course. Knowing what collaboration looks like before teaming up with an association management team increases the likelihood of success. This understanding is just as crucial as developing strategies for growing membership. Why? When collaboration is alive and kicking, membership and everything else naturally grows.

History has taught us that collaboration is necessary, for without it, we will miss out on all that is possible. It all starts with shedding labels, embracing shared goals, and embarking on a shared walk. At TVDA, collaboration isn’t just a method; it’s the lifeblood that keeps the associations we serve lively and growing. Come along with us as we navigate the intricate landscape of collaboration, recognizing its game-changing power in shaping the path of associations and the industries they represent.