Storytelling is a beacon of engagement in a world saturated with emails, notifications, and information overload. Associations, no matter their structure or focus area, can harness the power of storytelling to forge stronger connections with their members. This blog post explores the transformative potential of becoming a storyteller within your association, emphasizing the impact of member stories and creative ways to share them, such as through story contests with member voting.

The Allure of Stories:

Human beings are hardwired to love stories. From ancient oral traditions to modern-day Netflix binges, storytelling is integral to our collective experience. Associations can tap into this innate attraction by weaving compelling narratives that resonate with their members. Stories create a sense of connection and relatability, whether sharing personal journeys, professional achievements, or overcoming challenges.

The Strength of Member Stories:

Member stories are the heartbeat of any association. They offer a glimpse into the diverse experiences and perspectives within the community, fostering a sense of belonging. By showcasing these stories, associations can highlight their real-life impact on their members, making the organization more tangible and relevant.

Creative Distribution Strategies:

Once you have a treasure trove of member stories, the next step is to ensure they reach the widest audience possible. Traditional newsletters and emails are effective but think outside the box to captivate your members and tell stories in ways that can organically spread. Consider organizing story contests where members can submit their narratives. This not only encourages participation but also adds an element of excitement.

Voting by Members:

Introducing a voting system among members adds a democratic flair to your storytelling initiative. It transforms passive readers into active participants, allowing them to say which stories resonate the most. This approach boosts engagement and turns the storytelling experience into a shared endeavor, fostering community and collaboration.

Practical Tips for Storytelling Success:

1. **Authenticity Matters:** Encourage members to share genuine, personal stories. Authenticity creates a deeper connection and fosters trust within the association.

2. **Diversity and Inclusion:** Ensure that a diverse range of voices is represented in the stories. Keeping this at the forefront promotes inclusivity and makes members from various backgrounds feel seen and heard.

3. **Professional Support:** Consider enlisting the help of professional writers or editors to polish member stories. Engaging external support can be well worth the cost, ensuring that the narratives are compelling and well-crafted.

4. **Multimedia Elements:** Enhance your storytelling with multimedia elements like photos, videos, or even member interviews. Going beyond the printed word adds a dynamic and immersive dimension to the narratives.


In the digital age, where attention spans are fleeting, becoming a storyteller is a strategic move for associations seeking to deepen their connection with members. Associations can transform their communication approach by leveraging the power of member stories and innovative distribution methods. Story contests with member voting make storytelling an interactive experience and empower members to shape the narrative of their association. Ultimately, it’s not just about conveying information; it’s about building a vibrant community bound together by the threads of shared stories.