As life under COVID-19 continues, virtual events have become standard practice in lieu of large in-person gatherings. After numerous Zoom conferences and virtual happy hours, we’ve quickly become aware that virtual events will never fully replace interacting with friends and colleagues face to face. But don’t feel pressured to make your next virtual event as extravagant as possible. Instead of buying increasingly complex tech, by simply creating a space for genuine connections and affirming a sense of community, your members will have a more meaningful and memorable experience.

While we’ve all made adjustments to working and meeting from home, events are still a bit of a testing ground. You hear about how other nonprofits are running virtual fundraisers that involve customized apps and livestreams on Twitch and it’s easy to think you need your own app and livestream to keep up (Hessekiel). But that’s not necessarily the case. If your association has been known for being on the cutting edge of tech trends, then maybe it is worth developing your own app. But if your community is focused around building relationships and having honest conversations, an app will not bridge that virtual gap. Creating a virtual event that stays close to the spirit of how you would meet in-person will create stronger memories and build your community better than anything money can buy.

So how can you create the right event for your nonprofit? Listen to your members. What are their current needs and fears? If your association is looking for guidance, then virtual candid conversations with your board can create an opportunity to address your association while opening the floor for discussion. If your members seem like they need a morale boost, a virtual trivia night gets everyone together for an evening to enjoy each other’s company while taking part in a little friendly competition. No matter what you decide to do in place of the traditional conference, as long as you’re listening to the needs of your members, you’ll be able to create a memorable event that doesn’t have to break the bank.

When preparing for your next big event, remain confident in the knowledge that you don’t have to follow the latest trends in virtual events or spend thousands of dollars to compensate for the fact that this year everyone will be meeting from home. You know your association and you know your members – being authentic to your nonprofit’s community will mean more to your members than anything money can buy.

Our team at TVD Associates has honed the process of planning and executing virtual events for any occasion. We believe a successful virtual event is one that is authentic and engaging while addressing your members’ needs. If your association is planning on having a virtual event, but aren’t sure what type of event is best for you, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you make your next virtual get-together enjoyable and memorable.


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