A note from Todd: We’re thrilled to welcome a group of three talented students from both Drexel and Rutgers University to our team for the Fall. We’ve asked each of them to write for our blog to help you get to know them a bit… today’s post is from Andrew Mack.

* Disclaimer: Although comparing Carson Wentz to a deadly virus does seem harsh, I believe he is one of the best QB’s in the NFL and am writing on the overall Eagles fan base perception of him which has been known to be a little harsh. *

While we are still adapting to what some consider the new normal, the little things like having professional sports offers… hope. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, each step of the way along this COVID-19 journey reminds me of Carson Wentz’s career.

When the initial reports of a COVID-19 came out, few in the United States were worried about it eventually turning into a global pandemic. When Carson Wentz was playing FCS football in the middle of nowhere, no one expected him to be an NFL star. When the first case hit the United States there was some worry, but no one thought it would be global virus. When the Eagles drafted Wentz, most Eagles fans were cautiously optimistic, but no one thought he would become one of the best QBs in the league. COVID-19 soon started spreading across the United States and quarantine began and the future became very unclear. In Carson Wentz’s first season, many were unhappy and unsure whether Wentz would be a star, finishing last in our division, losing the rookie of the year award to a 4th round pick from our division, and ranking among the top ten in interceptions thrown.

After the initial outbreak, the United States seemed to have COVID-19 somewhat under control. Restaurants and bars began re-opening, and everyone was so excited to get back to normal. In Carson Wentz’s second year in the NFL he led the Eagles to an 11-2 start and was the strong favorite to win the MVP award and Eagles fans were excited for his future. Soon after re-opening cases began to rise again, and people started to question if we would ever return to the world we once knew. In the 3rd quarter of the Eagles Week 14 game against the Rams, Carson Wentz tore his ACL, and upon his return in the following year, people began to question if he could ever return to his MVP form. After re-entering quarantine for another span of time the future started to look a bit better, cases were decreasing, and business started to open up again and everyone felt a little more hope. In the 2019 season, Carson Wentz struggled in the beginning of the year until he put the Eagles on his back and carried the team to the playoffs. Eagles fans started to remember why they liked Wentz and started having more faith in him. Most recently COVID-19 is still ever present and has left people being unsure what to expect in the coming years, months and days. In the most recent season, Carson Wentz has been inconsistent and has left Eagles fans unsure of his future with the team and even as the starter.

As I have highlighted, Wentz and life during COVID-19 have their ups and downs. But just know that when we are experiencing one of those downs, everything is bound to turn around. Carson Wentz could have a great game, or your areas number of cases decreases greatly. With the recent signing of a four-year extension of Wentz, and the uncertainty that COVID-19 will ever “go away” only one thing is for sure, we are stuck with both Wentz and COVID-19 for the foreseeable future.