“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” –Scott Adams

In the current world of websites like Canva and Fivver, why does anyone need a designer anymore? Many organizations assume that with these websites they can “DIY” the design aspect of their business. Could they make a logo themselves on Canva? Sure. Could they hire a college student or side hustler on Fivver to whip up a branding package? Sure. Afterall, the DIYer might think, who knows my company better than me? But, nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many organizations that put all of their communication tools into this DIY category, only to learn too late that they have no idea where to start. They pick their favorite color and a cool font and make it into a logo and call it their brand. They go through the motions not even realizing the positive potential impact that professional branding can have on their business. TVD Associates recognizes the importance of professional visual design so much that we have a Creative Services consultant on our team.

Lindsay Williams heads up the Creative Services function at TVDA. She brings over twelve years of experience, including working as a designer in the United States Congress. In addition to having a Master’s degree in Media Design, Lindsay double majored in Biology and Visual Communication as an undergraduate at Washington University. “My roots in science paired with my years of experience have helped me develop a methodical process to reach the best possible visual design for each client,” she says. Lindsay has three tips for building a brand.

Why is an organization’s brand important?
An organization’s “brand” tells the world what they can expect from the organization and what sets them apart from competitors and the rest of the world. It is the organization’s story. It’s the who, what, when, where, why and how all wrapped up into one neat package. It’s the story of why someone should want to interact with an organization. The visual component of this story is often the first impression and the first touch point that the world has with the organization. It could be on a business card, website, flyer, letterhead or a social media site.

Why should an organization have a graphic designer?
The selection and management of brand identity is something that should be researched, well-thought out and carefully designed. A graphic designer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise and knows how to conduct the necessary research and then translate that research into a design that successfully conveys a client to their target market. By using fonts, colors, patterns and shapes, a designer hones in on an organization’s mission and crafts a visual identity that goes beyond just the physical senses but also creates a feeling. This creative process involves detailed research, synthesis of information, thoughtful observation and even psychology.

What is the key? Consistency!
Often people will invest in the creation of a brand but then they don’t use it consistently. Maybe they get bored with it and so they make exceptions and don’t use it. Maybe they change it up frequently or try-out new design elements like color or font. But this means they never really build up brand recognition and so they never see the power that brand recognition can have on their business. Having a strong and recognizable brand will promote your business, help establish trust when you want to introduce new products or services, and differentiate an organization from competitors. So, use that logo exactly as it was created and use it often!

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