It may feel like print is dying…While I understand why you might have that emotion, I can tell you rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerate.  That being said, you can’t rely entirely on traditional approaches to publishing in today’s digital world. However, there is merit in association media and publishing. In fact, association media is growing — and that includes print publications that cater to specific membership organizations.

While at the Society of Hospital Medicine, I managed a publishing portfolio for seven years, giving me insight into how nonprofit associations can benefit from the right approach toward publishing.

Before you dismiss the idea of an association publication, here are three things to consider.

1. Keep Your Members Informed — and Involved

Your association publication is an official organ for your organization. You can share news, bring up important issues, and let your members know what’s going on. As long as your magazine or weekly newsletter offers useful content, your members will keep hoping to receive it.

Provide the publication’s subscription free of charge to dues-paying members, and you can also have a way to engage your members. You can get your members involved in different initiatives, as well as learn when conferences, webinars, and other events are being held. Your association publication can encourage involvement in seminars and classes offered by your organization.

By providing worthwhile content and access to various opportunities, you’ll keep your members interested in remaining members.

2. Attract New Members

An association publication can also attract new members. These publications are easy to share with others, making them a recruiting tool. Plus, you can establish your nonprofit association as a leader in your area of expertise, increasing your credibility.

The social proof that comes with a useful and engaging content is about more than just encouraging improved membership numbers. The credibility that comes with creating different publications can also provide you with clout when it comes to community and political leaders.

3. Create Another Revenue Stream

Your association could also benefit with the help of another revenue stream. Advertisers and potential partners know they can reach a dedicated audience through your association publication. This can be especially effective when you publish on multiple platforms, including podcasts, online versions of your publication, and even webinars.

As long as you are careful in your choice of partners, vetting them to make sure they truly offer services that are valuable to your members, this is a win-win-win situation. Your partners get access to your members, your members learn about products and services that can benefit them, and you have some extra revenue to help you continue your programs.

Multimedia Publishing and Your Nonprofit Association

While a print publication has an important role to plan, don’t neglect other media platforms. With the help of a knowledgeable consultant like TVD Associates, you can coordinate your publication efforts, including repurposing content so you aren’t reinventing the wheel when you create a podcast episode or share a webinar.

The key is reaching your members where they’re at. A good association publication, with content available digitally as well as in print, can reach more of your members, encourage participation, and even provide you with new ways of remaining viable.