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Your Mission Inspires You…

And now you are looking for a partner to help in your efforts to inspire others. You may be looking to collaborate on a specific project or search for a partner to manage your daily operations.

Finding the right organization is about more than figuring out who can dot the i’s and cross the t’s on the basic block and tackling. It goes above who understands even the more sophisticated concepts. 

It’s about forging the right relationship. It’s vital to understand your potential partner’s worldview, their values, and how they approach their work.

You are about to go on a shared walk, after all.

We have curated five posts from our blog that we believe answer these fundamental questions. After you read these posts, we would love to talk more. So just drop us an email at info@TVDAssociates.com. Enjoy!

Going on a Shared Walk...

When hiring a management company, or a consultancy, it’s a sigh of relief. If you’re looking for the best possible outcome, you are entering more than just a single interaction. You’re beginning a shared walk to identify and guide your association’s goals over time.

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What if We Started by Saying Yes...

One night, while having dinner in France at EPCOT, it struck me that the server had a focus on saying “yes.” His priority was on delivering an experience rather than worrying over strict rules.

So often, we get caught up in rules and policies and look for reasons that something is impossible. What if we started by saying yes? What if the default position was “How can I make this happen?”

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Big vs. Boutique...

When looking to entrust your organization to a management/consulting company, one of the most significant decisions you have to make is a matter of size. Do you want to work with a large management firm or a boutique agency? How do you decide which is best for you? To follow my favorite maxim: it depends. So as we review the benefits each type of agency offers, think about your organization’s needs…

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Reporting: What We Do & Why

When discussing data, context is critical. Knowing this crucial fact, we have created streamlined reports to help board members quickly review and understand the state of their organization. And these reports can change along with the needs of the association!

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The Ideal Board

Everyone has their ideal work environment. Some people like highly collaborative groups, while others prefer to work independently. Please think of this article as TVD Associates’ vision board for our ideal working relationship with nonprofits. By creating a picture of our ideal board of members, we hope to picture how we approach our work.

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