MCMA: THe Media & Content Marketing Association

Bringing a Strategic Financial Outlook to Build Stability and Perseverance


In 2016, the Media and Content Marketing Association (MCMA) stood at a critical crossroads. The volunteer-led organization of magazine publishing professionals faced declining membership and declining revenues. Ineffective budgeting and financial management threatened its very existence. Priorities needed to be set and change was crucial, but both lay beyond the bandwidth of the all-volunteer board. Recognizing its position, MCMA’s leadership turned to TVDA to provide association management services, optimize the association’s financial processes , and bring professional, seamless service to its day-to-day operations.

Success in turning around the association demanded an open, honest dialogue between TVDA and MCMA’s board of directors. First things first: a clear picture on the organization’s finances to guide new approaches to budgeting and programming. By getting back to basics, TVDA was able to clearly illustrate what was happening, opening the door to further discussion on strategies for membership, events, and programming.

Thoughtful budgeting provided the opportunity to define its programming goals for the coming year and secure buy-in from the MCMA leadership. TVDA leveraged its experience to identify technologies to adapt to streamline membership services and innovate existing programs. Both sides understood the process was a shared journey, respecting each party’s roles but ultimately acknowledging that managing MCMA was a collaboration between its leadership and the association management company.

With its partnership with TVDA, the association turned around a five-figure loss and now operates with small gain year over year. The transformation TVDA crafted provided a stable foundation for MCMA, which has been able to withstand the uncertainty brought by 2020. The trust and synergy between client and management company brought about the innovation and restoration that allows MCMA to continue its mission and serve its members.

The Take-Away

By understanding that managing an organization is a walk taken together, the Media and Content Marketing Association and TVDA were able to work in a collaborative manner to bring about financial health and set a path for on-going success.

In Their Own Words

“TVDA really wanted to understand what we do and how we wanted to get there.”

– Sammy Garrett, Vice President, MCMA

“For successful innovation and transformation, you must have honest brokers on both sides of the partnership.”

– Todd Von Deak, Principal, TVDA

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