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Focus on helping is a core belief at TVDA. With that in mind, below you will find
several articles that we would love for you to use in an upcoming publication.
Each article was written with one thought in mind – how can we help.

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Does This Rise to the Level of Governance

One of the biggest challenges for board members as an association grows is letting go of some of the mundane tasks and shifting toward a more strategic approach to governance. This article takes that challenge heads on, pushing the reader to reconsider what topics make it to the Board Room.

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It’s Time for Gratitude

Studies show that expressing gratitude increases performance and also makes for happier and healthier work relationships. It’s good for business too. This article addresses why and how to bring more gratitude into the workplace.

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Join Me in Saying ‘Yes!’

So often, we get caught up in rules and policies and look for reasons that something is impossible. What if we started by saying yes? What if the default position was “How can I make this happen?”

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Planning Stellar Events in a Post-Covid World

Ah, the return to in-person events. Many of us are tired of Zoom conferences, and are craving human interaction. Covid is still a reality we need to navigate. This article looks at how to host great in-person events in a way that allows attendees to interact naturally while also taking realistic measures to keep everyone healthy.

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Data and Reporting in 2 Parts

Data and reporting is such a critical topic that we broke it out into two articles. The first is an important reminder about the importance of both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Building on that, the second article walks through our approach to date, sharing a report template that readers are free to talk, adjust as they would like, and use as their own.

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