Association of Medical Media (AMM) Nexus Awards

Breathing New Life into Association’s Capstone Annual Event


In 2017 TVDA began managing the operations of the Association of Medical Media (AMM) and its premier annual event: the Nexus Award. The association, which traces its roots back to the 1970s, brings together professional medical media owners, publishers, ad agencies, and pharma and device manufacturers to set industry principles and standards, advocate for the value of medical media to educate health care providers, and create better patient outcomes.

AMM launched the Nexus Award in 1993 to honor an advertising sales representative who excels in service, professionalism, and communication. After 24 years, the shine of this capstone New York City event was beginning to fade and no longer bringing the levels of participation needed to guarantee financial stability. With over 50 years of collective experience in event planning and management, TVDA was able to bring its skills and insights to the table and craft an engaging and entertaining destination event for the association.

Re-invigorating the Nexus Award brought another added benefit: bringing new, younger volunteers to the planning process. TVDA understands that volunteers need to have a voice. By working with these younger members during the planning process, they take ownership in the final product, building a successful event and fostering future leadership in the association.

Introducing new elements into the award event was key. A Rising Stars program was launched to recognize excellence in those working just a few years in the industry. TVDA found ways to bring more levity into the event while making sure the primary goal was met: honoring a person who is doing a great job in the medical media industry.

“Working with TVDA has made the planning process so easy and streamlined… nothing could ruffle our feathers,” said Diane Carpenteri, AMM’s Nexus Award event chair. “It was an honor to work with TVDA.”

The Take-Away

With its extensive experience in event planning and management, TVDA brought new life and greater stability to the Association of Medical Media’s premier annual event by including new voices to the planning process and understanding how the event directly ties to the association’s strategic goals and objectives.

In Their Own Words

“TVDA brought such an opportunity for us to really be proud of our industry. They bring a lot of good things to the table – and keep us in check.”

– Diane Carpenteri, Nexus Award Chair, AMM

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