Supporting Women When the Hashtag Stops Trending

Current events have pushed a campaign created 10 years ago into the spotlight over the past few weeks. ‘Me Too’ has emerged as a way to signal unity and solidarity against actions that should never have been even remotely acceptable in the first place. I’ll leave the dissecting of how we got...
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Traits not Tinder: Understanding Your Brand’s Personality

Enjoys engaging conversation and evenings with a well-crafted cocktail and networking opportunities. Seeking like-minded individuals dedicated to growing and advancing themselves and their professional community. Smart, respected, influential. Content aggregator and creator. Open-minded and reliable. If associations were dependent on their members “swiping right” there might be a real concern for member renewal rates. What associations...
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Outsourcing Membership

It seems counterintuitive to ask someone else to manage the very relationships that comprise your association. How can a third-party understand the needs of your members; speak intelligently with your members about your association? How can they possibly provide a good experience for your members? These are all valid questions that should be asked of any...
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