And Then We Were Four

Somewhere amongst the meetings, the dreaming, the paper collating, and the critical thinking, our enterprise TVD Associates hit a milestone this past month. For four years, we’ve had the privilege of supporting and serving non-profit and association clients with our personal brand of service. This business anniversary passed largely unnoticed in TVDA headquarters amid the...
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Content Strategy: Why You Should Produce Less Blog Content

This Friday's infographic, courtesy of HubSpot, gives statistics about both marketer and consumer and why marketers must decentralize their content strategy. This means amping up social media, creating videos, and publishing through external outlets as opposed to your own blog and website (consumers are more likely to read news articles over blogs). Consumers are using their...
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Giving Thanks to Donors

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're kicking off this week with a thank-you related infographic courtesy of It covers the bases of nonprofit thank you notes to donors. We all know the importance of fundraising, and proper thanks is owed to the donors who make it possible to continue pursuit of our organizational missions....
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