And Then We Were Four

Somewhere amongst the meetings, the dreaming, the paper collating, and the critical thinking, our enterprise TVD Associates hit a milestone this past month. For four years, we’ve had the privilege of supporting and serving non-profit and association clients with our personal brand of service. This business anniversary passed largely unnoticed in TVDA headquarters amid the hustle and bustle of client deliverables and event logistics, but I think its worth taking a moment to consider why we started this endeavor in the first place and how we’ve lived into that “big idea.”

We’ve spent time in the trenches building membership programs from the ground up. We’ve alphabetized the name cards, stuffed the gift bags, crunched endless fields of data, written our fair share of positioning documents, branding strategies, and managed programs and boards from the “inside” for years.

We know what its like to operate on a shoestring budget and a robust budget that seems to be allocated in all the wrong places. We knew it was time to be on the “outside” when we recognized that we could add real value to small and medium-sized associations that have strong missions, but limited capacity to realize their potential. Knowledge is scalable and shareable and when we started TVDA we knew that sharing and building on our experience and expertise would be at the heart of our client approach.

Four years on and our most rewarding client work has been when we were challenged by clients to think beyond the standard approach to membership or management needs. We worked together, as an integrated partner, to create a campaign or even organizational structure that reflects the ambition and potential of an association.

We want to say thank you to our clients who have welcomed us into their organizations and made us partners in their efforts. Close collaboration leads to powerful outcomes and we have been honored to work with some extraordinary teams.

Helping clients reshape their conferences and events from “a really good party” to a ROI focused affair that also has killer cocktails and feather boas (it was on brand, we promise) has ensured that the TVDA team is adding value from the first save-the-date to the last follow-up post event email.

Investing in our clients’ goals for the past four years has been how TVDA has invested in itself.

When you’re a small business with a specific industry expertise, your work is your calling card and we are pretty psyched we keep getting asked to dance. And while we might not be Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, we are certain of the steps. Smart thinking and hard work, not fancy footwork, is at the heart of TVDA. We look forward to marking many more anniversaries to come.

As we look ahead, new opportunities and expanded offerings are on the horizon for our family-owned small business. We look forward to helping associations and non-profits reach their potential from the inside out.

So thank you for filling up our dance card and exciting our imaginations for the past four years.