Top 3 Must Reads for the Week of 5/5

Hello again everyone,

Today I’m focusing on simple tips and tricks to make your social media efforts more effective.  With everyone today using Twitter, Facebook, and countless other solutions, it is vital to find ways to make your organization rise above the rest?

Here are some articles that may help.

Social Media Success Formula

This brief article talks about what the criteria is to have a successful social media posting, offering a list of things to focus on as you try to engage your audience.  Even though the article is from, it goes beyond tweeting and it’s suggestions apply to  Facebook, Google+ and other channels as well.

The 3 suggestions that should out to me where to be informative, brief, and occasionally funny. While you certainly want to share as much information as possible, readers do not want to sit there and just read line after line of information that could have been summarized. Being occasionally funny is also good because it keeps the audience engaged and keeps them reading. It’s sort of like a comedy show. A guy stands on stage for an hour and a half telling brief stories, but stating the important part, and has a punchline at the end. That is the ingredient to keep the audience listening.

When is the Best Time to Publish Posts on Your Social Media Account?

Most people don’t think about it, but to become a pro at using social media, knowing the optimal time to reach your audience is vital.  I stumbled upon this article while researching my previous call out – I promise to diverse my sources in coming weeks.

While this article gives you some baseline recommendations – only you can identify the optimal times for your organization and that only comes through constant testing and refinement.

7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Posting takes time and energy, but there is more…don’t neglect personal engagement with your  followers,  fans, and others within your community. It comes down to interacting with people the way you would like if it was you – we all like feeling included.  It’s a big high for someone to get a “shout out” from a company that they personally identify with, no matter the size.   . Small gestures like these will create customers that will stay with your business for a lifetime.

Do you have a “must read” that you would like to share with our community?  Drop me a line at – if we use your suggestion we’ll not only give you the credit, we’ll send you a token of our thanks.