To Renew or Not To Renew? How to Eliminate the Question.

I did it all for the NPR tote bag. Well, maybe. The rise of prized swag in the past few years has been paralleled by the rise of the auto-renew. Driven by convenience and the ubiquitous use of online payment systems, associations are automating the process of membership dues at an increasing rate. This...
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Why Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Tangible impact. This is why association boards often turn to a “brand redesign” as their way of demonstrating they are helping to drive change, innovation, and fresh thinking in an organization. However, updating your visual identity (your logo) should be the output of a far more thoughtful process that addresses who you are...
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Hollywood Lessons in Association Leadership

Before Ashton Kutcher turned the Butterfly Effect into a mediocre sci-fi thriller (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 33%), Edward Lorenz’s mathematical weather model that demonstrated how small changes impact major weather patterns had long ago been adapted into a metaphor for business and life. Author Malcolm Gladwell interpreted it as the Tipping Point, the “broken window theory.”...
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