Hollywood Lessons in Association Leadership

Before Ashton Kutcher turned the Butterfly Effect into a mediocre sci-fi thriller (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 33%), Edward Lorenz’s mathematical weather model that demonstrated how small changes impact major weather patterns had long ago been adapted into a metaphor for business and life. Author Malcolm Gladwell interpreted it as the Tipping Point, the “broken window theory.”...
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11 Ways to Improve Your Association Meetings

Summer’s haze is slowing descending on association offices across the country. Board meetings are on hiatus, programming committees are shuffling conference calls to September, and the overworked office staff is dreaming of “Summer Fridays.” We get it. There’s something about the heat of July and the dog days of August that makes everything slow down—...
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Making CX Your Business

Mom and Pop corner grocery stores can teach us a lot about getting to know our clients. Often a cornerstone of their neighborhoods, these small stores are as varied as the neighborhoods they serve. Their inventory tailored to meet the needs of the clientele. The owner’s eyes well attuned to both what is selling and...
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