Monthly Archives: September 2016

Performance Measurement: Putting It All Together

In our first performance measurement (PM) blog post we mentioned that nonprofits often have difficulty establishing a PM program because nonprofit measures aren't as simple as a profit organization's measures, such as profitability or shareholder returns. No PM framework is perfect, but a good PM framework is far more effective than nothing at all. A...
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The Importance of Performance Measurement (PM)

Performance measurement (PM) is a critical element of organizational success. How can an organization tell whether it's making progress on strategic objectives? A PM program brings to light accomplishments and weaknesses, and gives measurable value to an organization's performance. PM intelligence allows association executives to construct an organization's next actionable steps. Effective PM can mean the...
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What Motivates Member Engagement for Nonprofits?

What drives member engagement? Abila's Membership Engagement Study breaks it down: When they join: 13% As a student 49% Within 1-5 years of employment 16% Within 5-10 years of employment 16% 11+ years of employment Why they join: What members say:
  • Job opportunities
  • Socializing
  • Certifications
1 in 5 members has canceled or lapsed in the last year Why they leave: 32% Too Costly 21% Changed Employment 19% Little...
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